Sketching With Code

NEU ARTE 5901.04 – FALL 2016

Noah Paessel @ 399 Ryder Hall

Tuesdays 6:00pm - 9:00pm
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Code sketching is a methodology for quickly exploring visual ideas by writing software. Encoding design decisions in software forces us to consider visual design from a new angle. Designers who learn to enjoy writing code will think differently about their process. Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript students will develop a low-friction design processes that enables rapid prototyping and iteration. Through a series of exercises exploring gestalt principles of design, students will achieve a measure of code fluency and intuition. Students will use computation to explore large parameter spaces, guide stochastic digital mark-making, and generate new visual forms. No prior programming experience is assumed for this studio.


Students will leave this course knowing how to use web technologies to quickly publish and refine visual prototypes. They will understand fundamental programming techniques, and be comfortable developing ideas for feedback using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Students will be able to articulate and defend their aesthetic choices.

Weekly Structure


Students will show continuous improvement in their ability to execute and defend design solutions.

The grading system follows the University Policies.


Students will abide by Northeastern University’s Academic Integrity Policy.


Students are expected to attend all classes. Absence for health or personal reasons should be communicated to the lecturer. Tardiness and unexcused absences will impact student grades.