Problem Set 11:

Due 11-29 (7 days)


For this weeks work, you might want to look at the D3.js website, the MDN SVG tutorial, and if you are doing the stretch, check out the Snap SVG documentation

ps-11 SVG & D3 Part 2: Update & Maps.

This week, we are going to keep working with D3. Write a final project proposal (A), and then choose one of B, C below to complete.

As ever:

A: Project proposal:

Create a web page describing what you would like to achieve for your final project. Include 3-4 sentences, and thumbnail sketches if appropriate.

B: D3 Graph:

Revisit your graph assignment from last week. Make it better. Be sure to include a 'before' image so we know what we are comparing.

C: D3 Clock:

Following the example we worked on class, create a D3 clock.

D: D3 map:

Using the tools we covered in class find a base layer, and tell your own story with a map. You can also look at the source for the map we made in class. (View source or js file)